Aldolfo Kaminsky

I am a big follower of TED talks. TED talks are great. They are like YouTube videos, but  instead of watching videos of a dog with strange bark, or someone throwing a brick into a washing machine you listen to a neuroscientist talk about her experience of having a stroke or what was going through the mind of a passenger on US Airways Flight 1549 which made a emergency landing on the Hudson River after encountering a brid strike shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. There really are some fascinating talks and they really will open your eyes to so many things.

New TED talks are being released all the time. A few days ago I watched a talk about Aldolfo Kaminsky given by his daughter Sarah Kaminsky. Aldofo Kaminsky spent the vast majority of his adult life as a forger. He worked tirelessly creating forged documents to assist others, for example in WWII to help Jews escape from the Nazi regime and the final solution. It’s a really fascinating story which is all too sad that it needed to happen in the first place.

From this TED talk I realised that Sarah Kaminsky had written a book about the life of her father – ‘Adolfo Kaminsky: Une Vie De Faussaire’. Pretty much straight after I had finished watching her TED talk I went to find her book. Amazon was an obvious first place to look, and within a few seconds and a few clicks I had a copy of the book making it’s way to me. Then in dawned on me that I had better check that the book was in English given the TED talk was in French. It’s quite a big assumption that just because I bought the book from the Amazon UK site that the book will be in English. As you can see it is in French so I am now the proud owner of a book I really want to read, but in a language that I can’t understand. Great.

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