Probably Not The Best Time To Start A Relationship

I have a friend who has their medicine finals in a matter of weeks. No, this isn’t my girlfriend, thankfully she has finished & passed her medical finals. If medical finals weren’t enough to contend with she has quite a bit of emotional stress going on. I won’t go into details as it’s irrelevant. However after quite a bit of deliberation, she has decided to start dating someone.

I won’t beat around the bush. I disapprove. I don’t disapprove of the relationship, more the timing. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be proved wrong and that they’re relationship will flourish and they will be very happy together. However I think the timing is rather silly. Without all the other stuff she is going through she is under a huge amount of stress and if you consider what else is going on in her life I am in awe to how she is able to keep a smile on her face.

When my girlfriend was in the run-up to her medical finals I saw her even less than I would normally, and when I did she would a text book at most a few feet away. The most physical contact I got was from an abdominal examination. She was incredibly stressed What I wanted had to take a back seat. I understood and accepted this, and I tried as much as I could to be as supportive as I possibly could.

We still had one or two arguments. Given her stress levels I think a full blown argument was inevitable. This was in a realationship that three years in has managed to survive some quite astounding stuff being thrown at it and us.

Add this level of tress to a new relationship and it creates a very volatile mixture. New relationships take a lot of work, and they are liable to go sour quickly and without warning. Given the immediately pending finals I just fear this is just that little bit too risky.

When stress levels rise and emotions are flying around it’s all too easy to get led into something that you otherwise wouldn’t as you are craving it; smething you feel whatever is on offer can give you. You can get blinded by your up and down emotions and what you think you want, need and what you think you get get.

Any potential boyfriend worth considering would understand what’s going on, and if it was me I would definitely be taking a back seat and leave the courting or even just getting to the next base until at least after the end of her finals.

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