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Nightclub [para]medics

This blog post is in reply to and inspired by the BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat article More nightclub paramedics needed say A&E doctors. I’m sure no one is any doubt alcohol related incidents do place a big drain NHS resources. … Continue reading

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The Emotions of Disney & 999 Calls

A few days ago I had two patients that where rather similar. What was wrong with them was very different; however they had some startling similarities. Both patients where in their eighties, living independent self-caring lives with no significant health … Continue reading

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Communicating Through The Iron Curtain

Today has been a good day. I have achieved the following. getting 13 hours sleep watching two classic WWII films (one of which was 3hrs long) that I have never seen before making a home made lasagne planning my meals … Continue reading

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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Tonight I took part in the second episode of the Ambulance Matters podcast.We were discussing the role of the Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) within the ambulance service. It was a semi-formal chat but we got quite a lot of valid … Continue reading

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Getting A Job After Medical School

This years questions where finally released on Monday. All final year medical students I am sure have had today etched in their minds for months. They have both wanting this day to arrive, but for it never to come at … Continue reading

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